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Calling this a whitewater paddling event may be generous, but saying it is one of the most fun events of FIBArk would be right on. The Hooligan Race is open to anything that floats that’s not a boat. Hooligans dress up in costume and the winner is usually not just the fastest but often one of the few left standing, or, floating. This spectacle of “controlled chaos” is a local tradition that always produces a huge turnout. Don’t miss it!

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FIBArk’s signature event, the Classic Downriver Race is the longest, oldest, most prestigious and perhaps the toughest race in North America. The Downriver Race is truly an athletic marvel and continues to be one of the most respected (maybe even feared) whitewater races. 



Heart of the Rockies Rampage sponsored by World Cup Skateboarding, Friends of Salida Skateparks, City of Salida, and FIBArk.  This world class skateboarding competition will begin with groms and end with visiting pros from around the world competing for a purse prize.  Categories also include amateurs, women's, and master's divisions.

fun for the whole family

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Located in Salida’s historic downtown, Riverside Park and amphitheater is the center of FIBArk activity and entertainment.  Enjoy 3 nights and 4 days of live music throughout the weekend right alongside the banks of the Arkansas River.  You won't want to miss this year's lineup!

Kids in Bouncy Castle


We have decided to step up our kids programming this year as a treat for adults and kids alike. Keep an ear out for all of the kid-centric specialties coming to the play-ground side of Riverside Park. We will update this site with tons of fun over the next few months.

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vendor village

If you were a fan of our long loved “vendor alley”, you will love our new “vendor village”.  Vendor village is being perfectly curated to fit the FIBArk vibe.  Keep an eye out on this site in the next month for a finalized vendor list.

friday, june 16
8:00 pm

An amalgamation of New Orleans and Bay Area funk elements juxtaposed with Brooklyn’s indie DIY ethos, Pimps of Joytime mirror the diversity of their communities and eclectic generational tastes. Traditionally, their music has always ignored established norms and colored outside the lines, and you can always expect the band to deliver an incendiary live show with swaggering confidence and undeniable cool. With Brian J consistently at the helm, the group has evolved through various configurations since bursting on the scene in 2004. They’ve created countless soulful, swaggering grooves across five full length releases, and can be found playing tours and festivals consistently around the world.

saturday, june 17
8:00 pm

HELL'S BELLES are first and foremost dedicated AC/DC fanatics. This is what we all have in common. We're all part of a huge community of devotees to one of the greatest rock-n-roll bands in the world. This is who we all are, and this is what HELL'S BELLES strives to deliver with mechanical precision and passionate fury. Endorsed by Angus Young himself (Blender Magazine, 2003), HELL'S BELLES are the closest one can get without actually moving to Australia and joining AC/DC's road crew.

the headliners


    Stay Safe out there! But if you do need First Aid or Police, they will be roaming throughout the festival grounds. All security guards (located throughout the festival grounds and at entrances and exits) will be on radio and can contact EMS or Police for you. If you have a serious medical emergency call 911.
    Hopefully you keep all of your belongings during the weekend! But if you find you have lost something, the Lost and Found is located at the Entry Info Booth. Hours may be limited but rest assured....we won’t give your stuff away!
    Looking for more details on the festival venue and schedule, the shortest route to a tasty beverage, or some extra sunscreen? Come visit us at the Entry Information Booth.
  • 2024 CONCERTS
    Tickets may be purchased on the website and the entry of the event.
    FRIDAY & SATURDAY CONCERTS: $5 online at, or $10 per person at the door. THURSDAY & SUNDAY: FREE ENTRY. No ticket purchase necessary on those days. FREE ENRY for 18 and under, and 65 and older. IDs will be required to receive free admission for 18 yo and under as well as 65 yo and over.
    Tickets purchased online will be exchanged for a wristband the day of the event. The purchase of a ticket grants you access to Riverside Park on either Friday, June 16 or Saturday, June 17, 2023 to see the full music lineup. Once guests have wristbands on, they will be able to leave and re-enter the event throughout the day.
    No outside alcohol will be allowed within the Riverside Park. IDs will be required to receive a 21 and up wristband for the purchase of alcohol.
    The 2023 FIBArk Whitewater Festival will open registration in Spring 2023. Registration will be available online and on-site at the FIBArk Boathouse. Online registration will close at 6PM on the night before your event.
    ACA waiver: FIBArk waiver:
    Cash prizes vary per event. See event pages for more details.
    We will post event results as fast as we possibly can during event days. You can keep an eye on the RESULTS page for any new or archived results.
    We do not allow refund or exchanges of any kind. Each participant acknowledges and agrees to the no refunds, exchanges, or transfers at the time of registration. Please consult our Terms & Conditions each participant signs/e-signs prior to registration completion for more information.
    Eligibility will depend on the competition. In some events, we allow Jr/Cadets, Intermediate, and expert levels. We even allow dogs to compete in some events!
    Camping on the north side of the river (across the F Street bridge) may jeopardize FIBArks future. This land is owned by the railroad and each year we have to ask for permission to cross it for our running and Hooligan races. Please don’t camp there. There are plenty of other camping resources nearby:
    Parking in downtown Salida is free. There is a large lot for day parking located at the bottom of F Street, on the NE side of the river and a smaller lot in front of the AHRA building on Sackett and G Street. Please note, the AHRA parking lot facing Sackett Street is reserved for employees only. The parking lot facing G street is public. (This lot will have spaces reserved for handicapped parking). There is no overnight parking allowed in either of these lots. There is no overnight parking allowed in either of these lots. Parking along the streets downtown is allowed unless otherwise noted. Please respect residents, driveways, and alleyways when parking streetside. Parking within Sackett Street to 3rd between G and E Streets is limited to 2 hours at a time from 9am and 5pm. Map of Downtown Parking
    Check out or sponsored partners that can accommodate your stay in Salida. Pinion Vacation Rentals Woodland Motel


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