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The FIBArk Whitewater Festival would like to announce the Head-to-Head SUP Sprint. This new FIBArk event is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Racers will sprint through the Salida Whitewater Park, navigating surf waves, playholes, and slalom gates. The racer who makes it to the F Street Bridge will be deemed the winner. If there are multiple heats, it’s possible you will be racing more than once.


OPEN - Men

OPEN - Women


When:  Friday, 6/14/2024
at 4:00pm

Where: Salida Whitewater Park

rules & FORMAT
  • Athletes must arrive 45 minutes before the race starts to check in, pick up their competition bib, sign the waiver, walk to the put-in, and attend the race safety meeting.

  • Athletes will be placed in ‘race heats’ of no more than three to four SUP’s.

  • Final number of heats will be determined on the day of the race in accordance with the total number of athletes registered for the race.

  • The race will begin with either a ground or floating start format.

  • Event organizers and whitewater rescue teams are not responsible for equipment rescue and/or equipment removal from the FIBArk Whitewater Festival whitewater courses should athletes lose their equipment during practice or competition. 

  • PFD

  • Helmet

  • Protective footwear

  • Full-legged wetsuit or drysuit

  • No leashes around ankles or wrists. If paddlers choose to wear a leash, it must have a release system that can be hand-activated and should also have an emergency break-away system. 

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