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Welcome to the Kid's Zone of the FIBArk Whitewater Festival.  This family-centered area is for our youngest whitewater enthusiasts and their families (children ages 8 years and younger). 


We have a large family-style arts and crafts tent, two bouncy houses, and kid-approved snacks for sale. All while the parents and caregivers can lounge in the shade in our comfy camp chairs. 


Come and see us for watercolor-painted stars, scratch art, and kinetic sand experiences. We have two bounce houses for different age groups: one for children 3 years and younger and a second larger bounce house for children 4 - 8 years. 


Finally, we have kid-approved snacks such as popcorn, applesauce pouches, and juice boxes for sale priced at 2 items for $5. 


All of these attractions will be staffed by local children's organizations such as the Salida Montessori School and the Drama Club of Salida High School. 


A portion of the children's area proceeds will benefit these two organizations.  

New Kids 2024 Events

Homemade Creek Craft Race

Ages 16 and Under

Hey there, mini mischief-makers! Just 'cause you're not quite ready for the big leagues of hooliganism, doesn't mean we forgot about you. FIBArk is rolling out the red carpet for our very first Kid's Creek Craft boat launch on Saturday, June 15th, at 11:00 AM at the Salida Playpark Creek by the boat ramp. The rules are a lot like the big Hooligan crafts, just on a smaller scale. Get creative and build a floating masterpiece using anything you can find, but remember: it's gotta be homemade!


  •  No Hazardous Materials, batteries, generators, or fuel of any type

  • No furniture, mattresses, or other items that can become a river hazard if lost

  • No Hazardous Materials, batteries, generators, or fuel of any type

  • No furniture, mattresses, or other items that can become a river hazard if lost

  • No white styrofoam


  • Crafts must be 12” or less in length.


Please arrive at the Salida Whitewater Park by 11:00 AM with craft ready and just like the big hooligan costumes are encouraged!

Salida Kid's got Talent 900px.png

Salida Kid's Got Talent

18 and Under

Hey, you with skills to flaunt! Get ready for the grand comeback of Salida Kids Got Talent on Friday, June 14th, 12:00 PM at Riverside Park stage! Whether you're a singer, dancer, band member, poet, magician, or anything in between – all talents are welcome to shine!

Psst! Little rockers, we've got a drum kit and amps ready for you (leave yours at home, okay?).

Catch you on the stage!


Choo choo! 🚂We’re keeping this gratitude train rolling with another sponsorship announcement: Coletrain Music Academy (CMA)! For the first time ever, @coletrainmusic is bringing their groovy ‘72 VW bus to FIBArk and hosting a Pop-Up Music Camp for children and families on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, in Riverside Park, Noon - 3pm. First come first serve!


What can you expect from the CMA pop up?


🎶Instrument Show & Tell: Children can explore a variety of string instruments up close, guided by professional music instructors who teach them how to hold, strum, and bow each instrument.

🎶Group Jam & Singalong: Instructors lead mini group lessons, sing-alongs, and jam sessions, providing a fun and memorable experience for kids and parents alike!

🎶Creative Station: Attendees will also enjoy creative activities such as coloring sheets and musical books.

We’re stoked for the good vibes that CMA will bring to FIBArk 2024, and grateful for their partnership. ✌️

PS: Don’t miss CMA’s Founder, Coleman Smith, who will take the main stage with David Lawrence & The Spoonful on Sunday, June 16th at 12:30pm!

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