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This year's festival is proudly
brought to you by Amica's Pizza
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Hooligan race

Calling this a whitewater paddling event may be generous, but saying it is one of the most fun events of FIBArk would be right on.


• No Hazardous Materials, batteries, generators, or fuel of any type

• No furniture, mattresses, or other items that can become a river hazard if lost

• No pulling down the money-line. Doing so will disqualify your team from receiving any cash

•No white styrofoam

• You must remove and properly dispose of your craft

(and all it’s pieces)


*Please note that during high water years all barrels used to created crafts must be sealed. No open barrels allowed and crafts must not be taller than 6 feet.  

The Hooligan Race is open to anything that floats that’s not a boat. Hooligans dress up in costume and the winner is chosen by crowd support. This spectacle of “controlled chaos” is a local tradition that always produces a huge turnout on Saturday evening.

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