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Raft Rodeo (1)_edited.jpg
Raft Rodeo (1)_edited.jpg

raft sprint

Raft teams will race head-to-head through the whitewater park in downtown Salida.  Each team will show off their speed and swiftness as they battle for the lead to cross the finish line first.

rules& regulations
  • Mandatory Equipment includes:

    • Coast Guard /ISO approved PFD

    • Helmet

    • Protective footwear

  • Athletes must wear competitor bibs outside their PFDs at all times.

  • Event organizers and whitewater rescue teams are not responsible for equipment rescue and/or equipment removal from the whitewater course should athletes lose their equipment during practice or competition.


  • Race pods or heats will be determined the day of the race in accordance with total number of rafts registered for the race

  • Rafts will go head-to-head through the whitewater park starting at the beach upstream and ending at the scout hut wave. The course will be marked with banners

  • Athletes must arrive at FIBArk Boathouse 45 minutes before race start to check in, attend mandatory safety meeting and pick up competition bib unless bib is picked up the night before.

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