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2022 lineup


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FREE ENRY for 18 and under, and 65 and older. 

thursday, june 16

Watertower is a Denver based band that takes pride in making sure that people have a good time. Each time that they get to play is to have another opportunity to connect with people in a way that is often lacking in these times. Whether you could use a song to sing along to, stomp your feet to or to just take you somewhere else for a brief moment, we are here for it.

thursday, june 16
roundhouse assembly

Roundhouse assembly is a Salida Colorado based band who’s influences include Grateful Dead, The band, and the Allman Brothers band. Roundhouse's sets showcase the ensemble’s passion for improvisational jams, vocal harmonies, that get the dance floor shaking. RHA’s line-up includes Scott Swartz on guitar and vocals, Chris Nasca on guitar & vocals, George A Mossman on drums and vocals, and Aaron Robbins on bass. Roundhouse assembly Keeps the audience shaking and spinning to the joyous sound of the good old Grateful Dead.

friday, june 17
joe johnson and the wildfire

Raised an hour drive from New Orleans in Mississippi, a state that has produced the very core of American music, Johnson grew up with great respect for the blues, gospel, and country sound that has defined the area's artistic heritage. Joe's own family has contributed to that great legacy. 

Approved - Leadville Cherokee.jpg
friday, june 17
leadville cherokee

Leadville Cherokee is defined by pure, gritty, electrifying performances that convey the Colorado mountain lifestyle in the high Rockies. Leadville Cherokee has a reputation for throwing the rowdiest parties that the Arkansas Valley has to offer. With the help of a loyal following, they provide an adrenaline-fueled atmosphere that leaves you wanting more. From bluegrass, to funk, to dirty, grungy rock, Leadville Cherokee is part of Arkansas Valley's home; a voice of the mountain frontier. 

Approved - Tejon Street Corner Thieves 2.jpg
friday, june 17
tejon street corner thieves

Outlaw Alt-Folk group Tejon Street Corner Thieves hails from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, bringing new energy to the Bluegrass genre by mingling darker subjects and tones with depth-driven lyricism and performative musicianship. The musicians behind Tejon have been playing together since 2013, where they gained momentum in the local Colorado scene with accolades and press coverage around the state, spanning from Colorado Springs’ Colorado Springs Gazette to Denver's 303 Magazine.

Approved - Drunken Hearts-Promo Photo_2022 (2).jpg
saturday, june 18
drunken hearts

From their humble inception as an acoustic trio, Drunken Hearts have evolved into an electric five-piece that is captivating audiences across the country. In those few years, the Colorado-based group has managed to make a name for itself in a state that is known for cultivating world-class music. The band fearlessly bottles a tempestuous, yet honest brand of Americana music — infusing spirited vocals with electric and acoustic instruments and crafting heartfelt songs that are resonating with crowds everywhere.

Approved - The Altitones.jpg
saturday, june 18
the altitones

The Altitones are a 5-piece band, playing an array of soul awaking, body shaking, mind blowing tunes, from Rock n' Roll, HonkyTonk, Jam Bands, Blues & Reggae! Playing mostly original music, with a wide variety of covers!

saturday, june 18
big sam's funky nation

Noladelic PowerFunk. That’s the sound BIG SAM’S FUNKY NATION have been whipping up for more than a decade. It’s high-energy music that mixes funk, rock & roll, hip-hop, and jazz into the same pot, gluing everything together with the brassy influence — and heavy grooves — of New Orleans.

Approved - Float Like A Buffalo.jpg
sunday, june 19

Float Like a Buffalo is Horn-driven Ska-funk-reggae-rock. Nods to the funk of Lettuce and The Motet, jam of Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, rock of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Chicago Transit Authority, soul of James Brown, & high-energy guitar licks of Jimi Hendrix all combine to make a unique sound that’s impossible not to dance to.

Approved - The Jauntee .jpg
sunday, june 19
the jauntee

In a world filled with instant gratification, gimmicky over saturation and a lack of true improvisation, The Jauntee pays tribute to music’s ability to transcend simple entertainment and cultivate a truly distinctive experience. The Jauntee has fostered a musical community based on a breadth of original material that engages fans through nightly exploration and risk taking. Averaging over one hundred shows a year, with each containing a unique set list and their own special improvisational moments, the band is constantly expanding upon what defines them and their live performances.