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Meet Kerstin Stock, our featured artist of 2024 and creator of the 2024 FIBArk poster. 

2024 featured artist

Kerstin Stock FIBArk Post 2024.png
A Note From Kerstin...

A Note from Kerstin…

Hello. My name is Kerstin Stock. I have wanted to be an artist my whole life. That old "What do you wanna be when you grow up" question? My answer has always been an Artist. Bright colors, distinct shapes, patterns, and interesting lines are the lifeblood of my artwork. My work seeks to connect people with each other and our incredible world by featuring animals, community, and nature.

After a long time running my own import wholesale jewelry business, I have found it no longer aligns with my values and does not fulfill me. In 2021 my daughter and I moved back to the mountains of Colorado with the goal to carve out a simpler life, connecting and creating. That said, simple is never my nature and I am often wearing at least a dozen hats at any given time. My friends are constantly reminding me that I do not need to volunteer for everything. The Community Equity Coalition and my daughters elementary school class get most of my volunteer time. 

I am constantly inspired by the living world all around me in the Colorado mountains - skiing, cooking, mountain biking and camping in our vintage camper. An alumni of the Rhode Island School of Design and the School of Life I look forward to growing together.

"I moved to Salida and attended my first FIBArk in 2004. I’ve seen Hells Belles at FIbark twice, never been crazy enough to do the hooligan. I did the hill climb for the first time last year (w/ my 9yo.)"

- Kerstin

Kerstin Stock Art  

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