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FIBARK's featured artist

Meet Laura Donavan, our featured artist of 2022 and creator of the 2022 FIBArk poster. 

This year's festival is proudly
brought to you by Amica's Pizza

2022 featured artist


Laura's commercial design and illustration has been used on campaigns and packaging for well-known brands around the world. But, her fine art work is at the forefront of the western surrealism movement.


Born in Cocoa, Florida, she spent her summer's on her grandparent's ranch, deep in the mountains of Colorado. After staring down the road to being a Veterinarian, she switched to art school, where she met her husband, Bill. They lived in Wyoming, and Montana for over a decade before moving to Colorado with their two small boys. Now that those boys are adults, Laura's studio has become progressively less digital. She works in many mediums, but her current focus is on hand-dyed paper and acrylic on birch boards, while her metal work is driven by a collaboration with husband, Bill, often in tribute to Mexico and the southwest U.S.

Visit Laura's Website


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