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The acronym "FIBArk" stands for First in Boating in the Arkansas River - originally devised by a group of community members in the 1930's, many of them real estate agents, to draw attention to Salida and give an opportunity for local boaters to demonstrate their paddling skills.
Flash forward to today ... FIBArk is America's longest standing whitewater festival and in recent years, the FIBArk festival has drawn as many as 30,000 people to our small town of Salida, Colorado.
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Through partnerships with generous local businesses, passionate individuals, and the City of Salida, FIBArk funds classes and equipment for both river safety and skill building.

The program is designed to introduce river concepts and experiences, teach skills and techniques, facilitate experiences and competitions, and develop lifelong river and river sport advocates.


Youth Paddling Program

Youth Paddling Program

A dedicated youth paddling program that cultivates local youth participation in whitewater sports and a life-long understanding of river stewardship.

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