Youth Paddling Program

Youth PaddlingFIBArk has established a Youth Paddling Program to encourage, train and promote youth participation in whitewater sports.  This community program offers youth paddlers from 8 to 18 years of age opportunities to participate in whitewater kayaking and canoeing.  FIBArk provides equipment and training for beginner, intermediate and advanced paddlers throughout the year, offering beginner pool sessions at the Salida Hot Spring Pool in the winter and intermediate and advanced river sessions year round.  The skills taught begin with boat fitting, basic strokes, balancing, safety, wet exits, T-rescues and calm water rolls, and progress to advanced river safety and hydrology, whitewater risk assessment, advanced stroke technique and combat rolls.

The state of Colorado is nationally renowned for its pool of consistently talented junior paddlers.  These youth are supported by a handful of schools and communities across the state that train and boast nationally competitive paddling teams.  For youth paddlers interested in competition, FIBArk offers coaching in three disciplines:  freestyle, wildwater and the Olympic sport of whitewater slalom.

The FIBArk Board of Directors is committed to the Youth Paddling Program and is continuously working to make kayaking and canoeing an accessible pastime for local children.  If your child would like to participate in this program, please email our River Director, Alli Gober, at

The Youth Paddling Program is run by RMOC in and FIBArk.  Learn more: HERE