Hooligan Race


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Hooligan safety is provided by River Runners.



Saturday, 5:30 PM.  Salida Whitewater Park

*Please note that during high water years all barrels used to created crafts must be sealed. No open barrels allowed and crafts must not be taller than 6 feet.  

Calling this a whitewater paddling event may be generous, but saying it is one of the most fun events of FIBArk would be right on. The Hooligan Race is open to anything that floats that’s not a boat. Hooligans dress up in costume and the winner is chosen by crowd support. This spectacle of “controlled chaos” is a local tradition that always produces a huge turnout on Saturday evening. Don’t miss it!

Hooligan Race Participants receive FREE registration for the Parade.  To register for both add them to your event cart and choose the “Hooligan Race Entrants” price option for the parade!

The rules of the Hooligan are few and far between, but this year we need to mention a few more. No Hazardous Materials. Batteries, generators, fuel of any type, and we do not want furniture, mattresses, or other items that can become a river hazard if lost.

You MUST remove your craft from the river after the race. No leaving parts of any kind, even small ones.  Thanks for keeping our rivers clean!