Free parking in Salida during the annual FIBArk Festival can be found at the following locations:

  • 60 spaces are located at 323 W. First St.
  • The AHRA parking lot is located at the corner of G & Sackett Streets. Please note, the parking lot facing Sackett Street is reserved for employees only.  The parking lot facing G street is public. (This lot will have spaces reserved for handicapped parking).
  • There is also free parking on the west side of Safeway next to the Monarch Spur Trail, off of 2nd St. in between G St. & I St.


Please note: Camping on the north side of the river (across the F Street bridge) may jeopardize FIBArks future.  This land is owned by the railroad and each year we have to ask for permission to cross it for our running, biking and Hooligan races.  Please don’t camp there.

Salida East-  Under three miles from Salida, on the river and Free, Salida East is a great place to camp during FIBArk.  Bonus- there are pit bathrooms for your use.  Head East of Salida on Highway 50 and look for the campground on your left (riverside) just after the R.V. Resort.

There are plenty of other camping resources nearby: